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Revenue Streams:

The life blood of any business - 

We develop innovative solutions to protect and enhance established revenue streams, such as green fees and membership subscriptions and work in conjunction with your management team to develop new products and services to broaden the revenue base.


We will consult to and then work closely with your management team, or board to develop and deliver a new ‘mix’ of activities, products and events to showcase your golf club, or golf facility effectively while generating new branding partnerships and revenues.

Branding & Advertising:

Do you understand the branding value of your golf facility or business and are you getting the maximum value from key areas at your premises?

Is your business’ brand clearly defined, established and understood by your customers and staff and integrated into everything you do?

Do advertising activities generate a real return on the ‘spend’ invested and include a defined ‘call to action’?

If the answer is ‘no’ to any of the above it might be an opportune time to address these keys element of your business’ needs.


A well planned promotions’ strategy will take your golf business, Club or golf facility in front of identified and clearly defined ‘markets’, within a programme of activities which will be both efficient and cost effective.

Marketing Strategies:

Do you understand the ever changing market place in which your Club is operating?

When did you last make an attempt to find out what your members and customers think of your Club or golf business?

Do you have a defined strategy to keep your golf business abreast of market expectations and demand?

New Membership Products:

In most countries the game has seen golf Club membership numbers stagnate and in most regions the overall numbers of players continues to show a marked decline.

Many of the problems currently faced by golf clubs are as a result of a tough economic environment, but an equal number are also as a direct result of Clubs staying with outmoded trading practices and membership categories, especially as this applies to golfers' changing needs and expectations.

An objective and independent assessment of what membership options your Club offers can make a real difference to overall membership numbers.

Improved Operational Procedures:

In a difficult trading environment the old mantra of ‘service, service, service’ becomes ever more significant in separating your club or golf business from ‘the competition’.

How good are your customer experience levels?

Has your staff understood the need to live and breathe the service ethos?

Are all of your departments working towards the same service goals?

Your staff are a key asset to your business – are they regularly up-skilled, challenged by their working environment and effectively motivated?

For more information about any of our services please contact:

John Cockayne: Telephone 0027 73 8967931 / Email


Braemar Golf Management.

I first came into contact with John in 2010 in the context of his application to Braemar Golf for the position of Director of Golf at the PGA National development just outside Moscow.
Following the interview process culminating in a meeting with the client representative in London, John was the first choice for the position, but family problems ruled him out of taking the role and he was both good enough and professional enough to communicate this personal ‘issue’ with us just after the meeting in London in order to avoid the difficulties which may have arisen for Braemar had he been on site for some months and then been forced to resign.
We then entered into discussions for John to become the Marketing and Communications Director for Braemar, which role was scheduled to commence during 2012.
It was as Braemar’s Marketing and Communications Director that John was sent to on ‘secondment’ to Muscat in 2011, where due to the prevailing employment regulations in Oman John was employed directly by Muscat Hills GC.
At a difficult stage in the Club’s development, John achieved all of the strategic tasks which he was assigned and also added great value in other areas such as the negotiations with and structure of PDO Club’s membership at Muscat Hills.
At the end of his contract period in Oman in January 2012, the discussions about the marketing and communications role with Braemar were continued. Eventually it was felt by both parties that with John now preferring to be in a green grass position as opposed to a head office type role and the market-place in general terms it would be best for both Braemar and John to remain independent, although it was agreed that we should remain in contact. 
John’s very broad based experience and skills, which made him ideal for a ‘pioneer type’ role i.e. the requirement in Russia, would allow him to fit into and contribute effectively within virtually any management structure. Although he has extensive experience in custodial management roles, his innovative and creative approach to problems are particularly suited for a facility which is new to market, or looking to reinvent itself in terms of its events, marketing, branding and revenue strategies.

Michael Braidwood
Operations Director


Douglas Green Bellingham.

As the marketing Director for Douglas Green Bellingham I had the opportunity to work with John on a number of key brand marketing initiatives.
As a Group we were astonished at John’s in-depth knowledge of the all encompassing attributes of the Game of Golf and his ability to link these into our core Brands to achieve their strategic marketing objectives.
John also had the skills to positively influence your key stake holders – The Trade and Our Consumers.
John worked closely with the Marketing Team on an ongoing basis with the two major initiatives being:
The Ballantine’s Whisky Sponsorship of the Nedbank Challenge at Sun City.
The US Masters Competitions. 
These best illustrate the value and professionalism that John brought to the marketing mix at DGB.
John was a pleasure to work with, as well as being a highly professional contractor, creative in all aspects of the projects plus his strategic inputs resulted in very high exposure for the Ballantine’s brand in all of the projects in which he was involved.
He was prepared to deliver against tight and measurable objectives and have his remuneration set against these achievement parameters.
His extensive knowledge and contacts within both the media in South Africa and the world of golf created the return on the marketing investment beyond our initial expectations.
Due to the success of the projects and value that he generated it ensured that these initiatives had longevity of investment, which in the case of the Nedbank Challenge was for over 5 years.
His in depth knowledge of the game would be typified by the recommendation to us and Avis to sponsor Scott Dunlap. During the year concerned Scott won the Telkom Masters on the Sunshine Tour at Sun City and then followed this up with a top ten finish at the British Open Championship.
I would not hesitate in recommending John’s marketing and promotional skills to any company; this linked to his personal contributions and efforts in playing with, teaching and hosting our guests at Sun City and various clinics around the country.
John is a credit to professional golf. 

Steve Jourdan
Operations Director

ADS 24 - A division of Media 24

I first met John Cockayne in 1997 when, as the GM of the Sunday Times, John approached me with a competition concept for the Nedbank Golf Challenge.
John subsequently set up and ran a Nedbank Challenge promotion with us at the Sunday Times through his client Ballantines Whisky. During the last year of the promotion in 1999 the competition received over 22 000 written entries. A quite extraordinary number for an in print competition.
Subsequently, as the GM of RCP Media, I had no hesitation in recommending John to structure a joint golf event in conjunction with one of the group’s major clients – Adcorp Holdings. During my tenure at RCP the group’s revenues grew year on year by 278% and central to this sustained growth were client initiatives such as the Adcorp RCP Pro Am golf tournament.
It is a testament to John’s organisational capabilities and ‘vision’ that he was able to persuade us to go the PGA Pro-Am rather than golf day route and this advice has been vindicated by the fact that the event is now in its seventh year and has become a much anticipated fixture of the Adcorp and RCP event diaries.
In short John has always been highly professional in delivery and follow up and is a credit both to event management and his profession.

Sarel du Plessis
Chief Executive Officer


Eagle Canyon Country Club
John was the Pro at Southbroom Golf Club in the 80’s when we used to go on holiday and a highlight of these visits were his junior clinics and the efforts he used to make with all of the members’ kids.
I believe that John was one of the main reasons why I decided to become a professional golfer and I have had the opportunity to play at a large number of his events and work with him at numerous golf Academies run for the SABC and other companies since the middle 1990’s.
His teaching programme is effective and easy to understand and he always insists to his clients on using PGA members for his clinics and his first choice of players for any of his events is always PGA members.
In the development of Eagle Canyon I worked with John as he structured some terrific corporate memberships and branding packages for the Club. His understanding of how companies work and his approach to the whole structure of events and branding is very professional, completely different and very effective. Most of the original memberships he signed up at the Club are still in place.
I think that in the way he conducts his events and marketing business and in his support of his fellow Pro’s John is role model for any PGA member.

David Christie
Director of Golf

Inside Right Club Management

I have known John since the middle 1990’s and in this time we have been involved in a number of business ventures from 18 Global through SMS Booking technology to the marketing of Eagle Canyon Golf Estate.
In terms of Eagle Canyon John’s understanding of the branding opportunities in golf, how a company thinks and his inputs from this created an entirely new format of memberships.
The success of this can be proved by the fact that the original 4 memberships that were put in place at Eagle Canyon are still functioning. This success has resulted in me asking John to evaluate the needs of the Clubs managed by Inside Right with a view to putting original solutions in place for these Clubs.
 I don’t personally know of anyone else in golf in South Africa who has a similar depth of knowledge or experience re golf branding.
Yours in Golf

Dave Usendorff 

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