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The Green Pages Golf Academy...........Putting Together The Pieces. 

Golf Coaching Programme:


The Green Pages Golf Academy provides tailor made coaching programmes for every level of player.
Whether the recommended programme has been designed for a young low handicap golfer contemplating a career in Professional golf, or for a player with more modest ambitions, each programme will be designed to provide customised content supported by a series of comprehensive email swing notes.

John Cockayne is the programme’s director and he is a Founder Member of the PGA of South Africa and has been coaching for over 30 years.
From work as a Junior Foundation coach in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal at four Clubs during the 1980’s several pupils went on to win prestigious open amateur events in South Africa, five turned professional, one is now the Director of Golf at a premier golf estate in South Africa and a former pupil reached the final of the US Amateur Championships on two occasions.
John is a former contributor to the South Africa Golf Journal and has provided written articles, golf instruction and comment for a wide range of publications including The Compleat Golfer, ThisDay, Tee to Green, SA Golf Trader, MNet Supersport and The Muscat Daily.
His coaching book ‘How to Practise Less More Often’ is currently being serialised in Tee & Sandwedges magazine.

John works with Philip Joubert who is an accomplished coach who specialises in junior programmes.

Philip is a fully qualified member of the PGA of South Africa and has worked at several of the region’s top Clubs starting at Centurion where he provided coaching services to the juniors and higher handicap members, then on to Pebble Rock where as he coached all levels of player from juniors, beginners, scratch golfers and provincial players.
He then spent time with The Pro Shop group where a honed his skills as a expert club fitter. Currently he has his own golf academy which provides coaching programmes for all levels of players including 3 juniors from the Gauteng North under 15 and under 17 teams from which group one player has been invited to be part of the Ernie Els foundation, and where his coaching programme is under the direct supervision of Philip.

This wealth of experience will be brought to bear to ensure that golfers in the Hartbeespoort area can take advantage of a top class coaching programme.
Whether you are a more experienced player going down to the range for a simple swing check, to have your putting stroke overhauled, or you are a beginner taking your first steps into golf, a the Green Pages Golf Academy will offer you expert advice and a comprehensive foundation off which to enjoy the game for a lifetime!

Current coaching options and costs:

The Green Pages Academy offers a range of coaching solutions from ½ hour lessons through to year long highly advanced programmes involving dietary advice, sports psychology, fitness training programmes, etc.

Junior clinics: ZAR 300.00 per month per child:

4 x ½ hour modules per month involving 5 children: these sessions are within a golf training programme where a key objective is to develop general coordinative and motor skills through a series of exercises and games which apply to children in terms of sports in general as well as golf.

1/2 hour lesson: ZAR 300.00 per lesson:

This is a classic ‘quick fix’ session for someone struggling with a specific swing problem, or who might want to learn a new short game shot, or who just wants a check-up on the general health of their swing.

1 hour lesson: ZAR 500.00 per lesson:

This is ideal for someone wanting to implement a medium level swing change, or learn a new shot.

The first 1 hour session will normally be supplemented by another 1 hour session, or a couple of ½ lessons to ensure that the new swing movement or shot has ‘taken’ effectively.

On course playing lesson – up to 9 holes or for a maximum of 2 hours:

ZAR 750.00 per lesson per person
ZAR 1 000.00 for 2 people
ZAR 1 250.00 for 3 people

This is module has a number of applications; assisting a player to develop better on course strategy and approaches to shot-making and club selection, putting a new shot or swing movement into a ‘live’ session on course, helping a beginner take their first formal steps in playing on course.

On course lesson – up to 9 holes or for a maximum of 3 hours:

ZAR 1 100.00 per lesson per person
ZAR 1 500.00 for 2 people

This is module is essentially the same as the playing lesson except that the coach will not play, but is with the pupil for every shot which makes the coaching session much more intensive and is very effective for better players.

Group lessons: ZAR 600.00 per lesson:

This is designed to coach groups from 2 to a maximum of 6 persons.

Group coaching provides a cost effective lesson option as, outside of generic information which applies to every pupil, the small numbers involved means that there is a high level of individual tuition.


• To be made in full and by EFT or in cash.
• All programmes or group lessons can be paid for on a module by module basis.

Other information:

• Master classes for company golf days, Corporate Golf Academies, corporate team building using golf, extended coaching programmes for up to year, video swing analysis are all available and subject to a quotation once the exact needs have been discussed.

• Every adult pupil is provided with comprehensive personalised follow up ‘swing notes’ by email after each lesson.

• All playing, short game and putting lessons will be held at Sandy Lane Golf Club and full swing, pitching and bunker shots at Jim & Jerry’s Driving range.

• Clubs can be provided until it has been determined what equipment will be most suitable for you.

• The only additional charge will be for the buckets of practice balls you will buy for each module at Jim and Jerry’s driving range and the prevailing green and cart fees at Sandy lane Golf Club.

Sample Coaching Programme:

This programme is for two months and provides an introduction tot the key areas in the putting, the short game and the full swing.

Module 1: The short game part I – Putting and Chip Shots.
Duration: 1 hour

On average the shots taken with the ‘flat-stick’ as the putter is sometimes called comprise at least 40% of all the shots played by any level of player during a game of 18 holes. No wonder putting is considered by many to be a game within a game.

While putting accounts for 40% of the shots played in an average game of golf not every player can even reach and or hit the green in the regulation number of strokes.

The short chip shots taken from around the fringes are what can make or break a player’s ability to return consistently good scores, especially for a higher handicap player who may not have yet developed his or her long game to its full potential.

This module will provide you with an overview of the essential mechanics required to build a solid and repetitive putting stroke and a dependable short game.

Module 2: The full swing – part I.
Duration: 1 hour

“Good golfers are made not born”, but a solid grasp of the key fundamentals will help you to ‘practise less more often’ and spend more of your available time on the golf course.

This module will deal with the grip, set up and stance and the basic movements required to make a full swing.

Module 3: The short game part II – pitching and bunker shots.
Duration: 1 hour

The two elements which make up the core of the short game; This session will help you to develop an understanding of the specific demands of greenside bunker shots and pitch shots from 30 to 60 metres

Module 4: The full swing – part II.
Duration: 1 hour

During this module we shall review all of the elements in modules 2 and complete the 'picture' with the addition of the final movements necessary to complete a full swing.


It is important to understand that all of these modules are designed to provide the right inputs to make you comfortable with swinging the club and striking the ball with some consistency whether it is a putt, chip, or a full shot.

These modules are not designed to teach you how to play golf.

Subsequent playing lessons and the fun involved with a lot of trial and error on course will help you to learn to play the game and to enjoy the unique challenges that golf provides to everyone.


For more information please contact: John Cockayne: Telephone 0027 73 8967931 / Email


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