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In this section we feature a selection of 'classic' shot, golf swing, equipment and practice problems and offer suggestions as to how you can deal with these 'issues'.

Not every problem area can be covered, so if you have a specific question send us an email (see contact details below) and we'll see if can come up with an answer for you.

Just remember............there is no real substitute for the face to face inputs and advice that can be offered by a qualifed coaching professional.

Good Golfing!



Having a problem with ‘flippy’ hands when you are putting?

Using you wrists will lead to an inconsistent strike when you are putting.

The effect of a miss hit putt will not appear to be as dramatic or obvious as the same type of miss hit with a 3 wood, but the results, relatively speaking, will be similar.

One way to overcome this problem is to get your hands working together as a unit and as if they were one hand.
  • Take a wedge and grip it with your standard putting grip.
  • Aim the leading edge of the wedge at the ‘equator’ at the back of the ball.
  • Make a smooth stroke and tray to hot through the ball with the edge of the wedge.When you putt like this any miss hit, especially through allowing the wrist of the leading hand to break through impact, will be immediately obvious.
The exercise will encourage the use of a ‘complete action' using the hands, arms and shoulders and help you to generate a consistent roll on the ball.


If you are not getting consistent results with short shots from around the fringe.

Try using your putting grip and stroke for these shots.
  • Select the club for the chip you want to hit and reproduce your putting grip and set-up in its entirety.
  • Reproduce your putting stroke through the shot.
  • Do not attempt to lift or ‘chip’ the ball, just get the feeling that you are putting through the ball.Good chippers get the ball onto the green and running like a putt as soon as the situation will allow.
Using your putting grip will help you to translate the feel you have on the putting green to those tricky little shots from around the fringes.

Staying in touch with your game.

On of the main problems for most amateur golfers is limited game time, which means that that you can quickly lose ‘touch’ with your game.

Some years ago I recommended that a pupil keep a golf grip handy through his working week, so I cut off an old club on the shaft just below the grip and plugged up the open end of the cut shaft.

It helped the player not to lose his feel for the golf club between his weekend games and subsequently he modified the grip and turned it into a key ring so it served a dual purpose!

Not all of us can go about our daily business carrying a golf grip as a key ring – but keeping one around in the office, or at home to pick up now and again will help you to stay in touch with a key part of your game.


Blame the tools!

Some good news..........The old saying about good workmen not blaming their tools need not necessarily apply to you!

Many individual golf clubs and sets, especially those bought ‘off the shelf’, will not necessarily fit their owner perfectly.

Problems like the wrong loft and lie, overly thick or too thin grips and the wrong shaft flex can cause a range of problems including loss of distance to pulled and sliced shots.

So if you have been struggling with your golf and before you go out and embark on major swing changes, get your set of clubs over to your local club Pro, or club fitter, asap and have them checked out.........your swing might actually not be the only problem!

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