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Corporate Golf Academies..........Putting Together The Pieces



The programme provides an ideal vehicle with which to entertain clients or staff within an informal environment that is instructional and entertaining and which promotes personal contact and teamwork between all of the participants.

The modular nature of the programme options allows clients to host tailor made programmes that are exactly suited to their guests’ requirements.

The various Academy programme options are geared to provide individual tuition within the context of small groups of selected guests.

The teaching programme is then combined with an on course element, with both sections being run under the guidance of fully qualified Professionals.



Each programme is tailor made to suit the client’s objectives and the guests involved and some basic options are as follows:

Full morning teaching programme combined with an afternoon pro am, which allows the participants to apply their newly acquired skills in the company of the Professionals on the golf course. .


Full Day:

A full day programme with an extended teaching section, which is followed by 9 holes on course.

This option is ideal for the less experienced golfer who would benefit from the extended period of instruction.


1/2 Day:

A half-day Academy, which combines three hours of personalised tuition with an on course session of nine holes accompanied by the Professionals.


Morning Programme:

A morning programme for selected guests who would then join the field to participate in a standard golf day.

This allows “weaker” players to join a competition following personal instruction through the programme. To these sample programmes can be added –


Pro-Am Master Class:

The Pro-Am Master class Series which can be used to entertain and instruct guests and staff over a longer period.

This programme enables regular weekly or monthly ‘contact’ with selected small groups, who receive a Master class from the Professionals’ and then play either 9 or 18 holes on course with the Professionals.


Other Supporting Options:

• Video tuition and swing analysis, with personalised recordings for each participant.

• A master class i.e. focus on a specific area, e.g. putting or bunker shots.

• Rules instruction etc.

• Equipment demonstrations.

The final choice of option can be adjusted to accommodate –

• Press and product launches

• Seminars

• Team building and Staff training

The on course format can also be selected to fit with the day’s overall objectives and the skill levels of those involved, i.e.

• Team building would suggest a team alliance format with specific on course targets for each player and the individual teams.

• Beginner golfers would play a team scramble format, which reduces the pressure on individual performance.


A typical half-day programme involving 24 guests would be structured as follows:-

11.15 – 11.45 Reception – coffee, tea and sandwiches

11.45 – 12.00 Introduction to the Host Company, Professionals and the programme

12.00 – 13.00 Group A : Full Swing Group B : Short Game Group C : Putting

13.00 – 14.00 Group A : Short Game Group B : Putting Group C : Full Swing

14.00 – 15.00 Group A : Putting Group B : Full Swing Group C : Short Game

15.00 – 15.30 Refreshments and on course with the Professionals

18.30 Prize Giving Dinner Function



Excellent venues are available throughout southern Africa. Each venue is selected to provide the best combination of golf course, practice and functions’ facilities and a recommended venue will provide most of the following.

• A championship class course – most of the courses have, or do host full PGA tour events.

• Practice facilities, which incorporate both range and short game areas.

• Qualified PGA instructors and a fully stocked retail outlet.

• Conference and seminar areas.

• Catering from snack meals to formal dinners.

• Ease of access and parking facilities.

• Some venues have hotels on site and most have access to 4 star plus hotel facilities in the immediate area.


Each programme’s final budget is determined by various factors including the number of guests, choice of venue, type of functions, etc.

Any budget would exclude the bar account.

The host company can supply the prizes and gift pack, although we are more than happy to assist in this respect.

Due to the generally select nature and limited numbers of each group, it is recommended that the host company carry out the invitation formalities.

The Academy will co-ordinate all the other required elements.


The Corporate Golf Academy programme is an ideal multipurpose vehicle whatever the final composition of the participants.

The programme options provide the host company with an interactive event which personal and cost effective, while providing guests, of all skill levels, with an unique opportunity to learn from and play with qualified coaching and Tour professionals.


For more information about the Corporate Golf Acadmies programme, or any other type of golf event please contact:

John Cockayne: Telephone 0027 73 8967931 / Email


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